General terms and conditions

1. The general terms and conditions apply to contracts for the rental provision of hotel rooms for accommodation as well as all services and deliveries rendered for the customer in this connection (Hotel accommodation contract). The term „Hotel accommodation contract“ includes and replaces the following terms: accommodation-, hospitality-, hotel- and hotel room contract.

The Hotel accommodation contract is concluded when the hotel- or function room is ordered and confirmed or a room was provided but a commitment was not possible due to the lack of time.

General terms and conditions of customers only apply if this has been expressly agreed before the contract is concluded.

2. When the accommodation contract is concluded the contractual partners have to fulfil it, In case of individual booking contracts up to 3 guest the customer has the right to cancel the contract without charges and without giving a reason through a one sided explanation until 6 p.m. on the day of arrival. The announcement has to be made to the hotel by this time at the latest. In case of bookings from 4 up to 9 rooms a free cancellation is possible 10 days before the day of arrival.

3. If a right of withdrawal has not been agreed or an expressly agreed right has already expired and there is also no statutory right of withdrawal or termination and the hotel does not agree to the cancellation of the contract, the hotel retains the right to the agreed remuneration despite of non-use of the service. The hotel must credit the income from renting the rooms to other parties as well as the saved expenses. In case of no further renting of the rooms, the hotel can lump sum its claim. In this case the customer is obliged to pay 80% of the contractually agreed price for the night with or without breakfast. This is also true for package deals with external services. The customer has to pay 70% for half board arrangements and 60% for full board arrangements. The customer is free to prove that the claim has not arisen or has not arisen in the amount requested. The hotel reserves the right to assert any additional claims for compensation.

The following specials apply when booking 4 or more rooms:

a) until 10 days before the day of arrival = free of charge
b) less than 10 days before the day of arrival = 80% of the rate without breakfast
c) in case of no-show, that means the customer does not use the confirmed reservation without prior notice = 90% of the rate
d) at the reservation of groups from 4 to 9 hotel rooms the cancellation of one room is free of charge until 2 days before the day of arrival

If the room/functional rooms are rented to other parties at short notice, the hotel will credit the income from these rentals to the agreed flat rate. Here, too, the customer is free to prove that the claim has not arisen or has not arisen in the amount requested.

4. Option agreements are binding for both contractual partners. After the option dates have expired, the hotel may put the reserved or functional rooms up for sale again. The right to a booking expires.

5. Reserved hotel rooms are available to the customer from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival until 11 a.m. on the day of departure. An extension of the departure time later than 11.00 a.m. is only possible according to prior agreement of the hotel and amongst other things if the room is available. If the customer leaves the room after an agreement with the hotel later than 4 p.m. on the day of departure, the hotel will charge 30,00 Euro for the use of the hotel room until 4 p.m. If the return of the room is later than 4 p.m. the hotel is allowed to charge the total room rate for another night. The customer is free to prove that the hotel has suffered no or low loss.

6. The service recipient does not acquire a right to get certain hotel- or functional rooms.

7. The sublet of the booked rooms and a use for other purposes than an accommodation is only allowed with the hotel’s written agreement.

8. In case of wilful damage or the pollution of the hotel- or functional rooms beyond the normal level the hotel is allowed to charge the costs for the extra cleaning and repairing.

9. The hotel is entitled due to important reason to cancel the contract extraordinarily with immediate effect, in particular, if force majeure or other circumstances, for which the hotel is not responsible, render the fulfilment of the contract impossible;

• rooms or functional rooms are culpably booked under misleading or false details or non-disclose of essential facts; the identity of the customer, the solvency or the purpose of the stay can be essential hereby;
• the hotel has a justified reason to assume that the use of the service may jeopardise the smooth business operation, the safety or the reputation of the hotel in public without this being attributed to the scope of control or organisation of the hotel
• the purpose or the reason for the stay is in breach of the law;
• rooms are used for other than pure accommodation purposes without the prior consent of the hotel, which requires a text form, in particular for commercial purposes, for example in the form of the production (and subsequent publication) of photo or film shootings.

10. Newspaper advertisements, invitations to events in the rooms of the hotel i.e. for job interviews or sale events etc. need the hotel’s written prior agreement. In case of publication without a prior agreement and if essential interests of the hotel are affected by the intended use (i.e. the reputation of the hotel) the hotel is allowed to cancel the event, without losing the agreed remuneration claim. In this case the billing will be made due to number 3 of the general terms and conditions. The hotel expressly reserves to claim any further compensation.

11. Is there a period of more than 6 months between the conclusion of the contract and the provision of services, the hotel has the right to change the prices. Changes in Vat rates are in favour of or at expense of the customer, regardless of the time of the conclusion of the contract.

The hotel is entitled to a reasonable advance payment or security deposit, e.g. in the form of a credit card guarantee. The amount of the advance payment and the payment dates can be agreed in text form in the contract. The statutory provisions remain unaffected in the case of advance payments or security deposits for package tours. If an agreed or requested advance payment or security deposit is not made even after a grace period set by the hotel, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract. The justified resignation of the hotel does not justify the customer’s claim for compensation.

12. All prices are in Euro including the VAT rates at the date of conclusion of contract and apply, unless otherwise stated, per room, per night and person. Spa fees, tourist taxes, accommodation taxes and costs for additional services that are only booked or used on site are to be paid separately. Invoices are payable without deduction immediately. The hotel is also entitled to request a reasonable advance payment or security deposit for existing or further claims from the contract at the beginning of the stay, insofar as such has not already been performed. Offsetting against counterclaims of the customer is only possible if the counterclaim has been established in an undisputed or legally binding manner.

13. In case of group bookings and arrangements the hotel is allowed to charge between 50% and 80% of the agreed price as a deposit to the customer. This also applies to bookings with several rooms and several overnight stays. The deposit is payable 30 days before arrival or the start of the event. If this down payment has not been made, despite setting a grace period of the hotel, the hotel-or functional rooms are up for sale again.

14. The hotel is liable for damage for which it is responsible in case of injury to life, limb or health. Furthermore, the hotel is liable for other damages that are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the hotel or on an intentional or negligent breach of contractual obligations of the hotel. A breach of duty by the hotel is equivalent to that of a legal representative or vicarious agent. Further claims for damages are excluded. Should faults or defects occur in the hotel’s services, the hotel will endeavour to remedy the situation if it becomes aware of it or immediate notification is given by the customer. The customer is obliged to contribute what is reasonable in order to remedy the malfunction and to keep possible damage to a minimum.

15. The hotel shall be liable for items brought in by the customer according to the statutory provisions. The hotel recommends the use of the hotel or room safe. The liability will lapse if the customer does not report the damage to the hotel immediately after gaining knowledge thereof. If the customer wishes to bring money, securities and valuables with him/her into the hotel with a value of more than EUR 800 or other objects with a value of more than EUR 3,500, this shall require a separate storage agreement with the hotel.

16. Insofar as a parking space in the hotel garage or on the hotel car park is made available to the customer, also against payment, no safekeeping contract is concluded hereby. In case motor vehicles and their contents parked or manoeuvring on the hotel property are stolen or damaged the hotel will only be liable in case of deliberate fault of the hotel or its vicarious agent.

17. If messages or wake-up calls are not passed on or passed on wrong the hotel accepts no liability. Any errors/omissions therefore do not entitle the customer to assert claims. The hotel is not liable for clothing given for cleaning, laundry or ironing, except of deliberate fault of the hotel or its vicarious agent.

18. The hotel only offers non-smoking rooms therefore a general ban on smoking (including electronic cigarettes) applies in all hotel rooms and public areas of the hotel. In the event of a breach of the ban on smoking, the hotel is entitled to assert flat rate damages in the amount of EUR 250.00 against the customer as compensation for in particular cleaning measures, insofar as the customer does not provide the proof that the hotel has not actually suffered any or less damages. The hotel remains at liberty to prove higher damages and to assert a corresponding claim for damages. Furthermore, the customer has to refrain from any manipulations to the smoke alarm devices (e.g. deactivation, removing, damaging, and/or other manipulations).

For events (seminars, meetings, congresses, banquets, exhibitions, lectures) and group reservations with more than 10 hotel rooms also, contingent reservations etc. the following conditions are applicable:

1. For contracts of events, reservations up to 10 hotel rooms or contingent reservations each contractual partner has the right to cancel the contract without charges and without giving a reason by a unilateral declaration. The declaration has to reach the other partner latest until 42 calendar days before the first arrival, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

2. If the guest has reserved several rooms, knowing he/she will need possibly less (contingent booking), he/she has to announce the needed rooms and the number of guests until the agreed date, at least 42 days before the first arrival date. With the receipt of notice all not needed rooms are up for sale again. The hotel can render its consent to a subsequent reduction in the number of booked rooms, the service of the hotel or the customer’s duration of stay requested by the customer dependent on the fact that the price for the rooms and/or for the other services of the hotel is increased.

If the customer does not report within the above mentioned period, the contingent booking is considered binding. In this case, cancellation deadlines and flat rates in section 3 of this general terms and conditions apply.

To ensure an orderly sequence for group reservations, the customer is obliged to provide a list of participants with the names and the full addresses until 7 days before arrival. If the organiser / customer is a political organisation this is to be pointed out before the contract is concluded and the approval of the hotel management is required for the effective conclusion of the contract. If the customer/ organiser conceals to be a political organisation, the hotel has the right to terminate the contract without notice to assert the damage caused thereby, in particular the costs of making available and claims from the following section 3 of these further general terms and conditions.

3. In case of changes or cancellation of reserved hotel rooms and arrangements (up to 10 hotel rooms) as well as functional rooms, meetings or events the hotel reserves the right to invoice the following flat rate compensations taking into account the saved expenses. In each case the costs are based on the total price of the agreed services (including all ancillary services) unless the hotel has expressly stated different cancellation periods in the booking agreement, such as during fair times or high season:

a) until 42 days before the day of arrival/ event start: free cancellation
b) 41 until 14 days before the day of arrival/event start: 50%
c) less than 14 days before the day of arrival/event start: 80%
d) in case of no-show 90% of the travel price
e) for group reservations of 10 rooms or more the cancellation of one hotel room is free of charge until 2 days before the day of arrival

If the customer is a consumer, the customer is free to prove that the claim has not arisen or has not arisen in the amount requested.

4. Unless the customer does this personally, the customer must appoint a manager of the event. If an event manager is named, this presupposes that the event manager is authorized by the customer to submit all explanations/decisions that may be necessary for the organisation and implementation of the event with effect for and against the customer/organizer The hotel must be informed in writing of any restriction of the event manager’s power of attorney, and this declaration must be received by the hotel before the event begins.

5. The change of the number of participants for a dinner/lunch has to be transmitted in writing towards the hotel at least 7 days before the event is starting. If not at least the number of booked dinners will be charged.

6. The organiser / promoter assumes the joint liability for the payment of any additional ordered food and beverage from the event participants.

7. The customer is not allowed to bring food and beverage to the event. For exceptions it needs a written agreement with the hotel. The agreement from the hotel can depend on the charge of a contribution to the overhead costs.

8. The introduction of technical equipment, exhibits or other objects into the event rooms is at the customer’s own risk. The hotel is only liable for their lost, destruction or damage insofar as this is based on an intentional negligent breach of the hotel’s contractual obligations. A breach of duty by the hotel is equivalent to that of a legal representative or vicarious agent. Further claims for damages are excluded.

9. To put up decorations or other objects is only allowed with the approval from the hotel. This approval in particular presupposes that all decorative material complies with the fire regulations and at no time represents a security risk. For damage or rough staining at the furniture or hotel inventory caused during assembly, during the event or during move out the organiser / promoter is liable within the framework of the statutory provisions.

10. A disorder of technical or other equipment provided free of charge will be solved quickly if possible. A customer’s right of retention or reduction based on this does not follow from this.

Common final provisions:

1. Changes or additions of the contract, the acceptance of applications or this terms and conditions for hotel agreement are only effective, if they are agreed in writing.

2. In deviation from paragraph 1, informal changes or additions are also effective if they are individual agreements within the meaning of § 305b BGB. Unilateral changes or additions by the customer/organizer are ineffective.

3. Place of fulfillment and payment is the hotel’s official seat.

4. The exclusive place of jurisdiction – also for cheque and bill of exchange disputes – in commercial transactions is the hotel’s official seat. Insofar as a contractual partner has fulfilled the pre-requisites of Section 38 Par. 2 ZPO [German Code of Civil Procedure] and does not have a general place of jurisdiction in the domestic country, the hotel’s official seat shall be deemed the place of jurisdiction.

5. German law applies.

6. Should individual provisions of these General Business Terms be or become invalid or null and void, this shall have no effect on the validity of the other provisions. Incidentally the statutory regulations will apply.

Other Information:

1. The hotel accepts the following payments: Cash, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, DINERS, China Union Pay and EC-Cash. Advance and deposit payments for company customers and big events, if there is a declaration of assumption of costs.

2. Billing Adress:

Ratskeller Wiedenbrück GmbH & Co. KG
represented by Ratskeller Wiedenbrück GmbH

Markt 11
33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück
Tel: +49 52 42 – 92 10
Fax: +49 52 42 – 92 11 00

3. Please note as our guest that the hotel is committed by the German Registration Form to record and save your living address and to show it the authority on demand. Also the hotel is allowed to see identity card or passport of the guests.

4. The customer is advised to take out travel cancellation insurance or insurance to cover the costs of assistance, including repatriation in the event or accident, illness or death.

Visa requirements:

1. Maybe you need a visa to enter Germany. This can be for a private visit or job-related.

2. More information at the Federal Foreign Office.